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How much do you know about sustainable investing?

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Carbon Collective

Rolling over your old 401(k) or 403(b) to Carbon Collective is a great way to get some of your retirement savings aligned with your values around solving climate change.

The process generally takes 10 – 20 minutes and we are here to help. Please email us if you run into any issues.

1. Contact the Institution holding your account

First, contact the institution that holds your account. See below for some of the most common institutions and their corresponding 1-800 number.

  • Fidelity (1-800-343-3548)
    Fidelity will not send a check directly. They will insist they send it to you and you forward it to them.
  • Vanguard (1-800-523-1188)
  • Charles Schwab (1-800-724-7526)

2. Request a “Direct Rollover”

When you get on the phone, ask the agent for a “Direct Rollover” of your account.

3. Transfer the funds

They will ask you how you would like to transfer the funds. You have two options: through check or wire. Sending a check is generally free, but will take 2-4 weeks. A wire can happen the next business day, but there is sometimes a wire transfer fee (~$25).

Note that the funds must successfully transfer within 60 days in order to avoid an early withdrawal tax penalty.

See below for instructions for sending a check or wire:

Send a check

  1. Make the check payable to:
    Apex Clearing House
  2. In the memo of the check have them write:
    “Your Altruist account number (e.g.12345678) , your full name (e.g. Homer Simpson) – Rollover”
  3. Send the check to:
    Apex Clearing Corporation
    Attn: Banking Department
    350 North St. Paul Street, Suite 1300
    Dallas, Texas 75201

(or) Wire the funds

Have your institution wire the funds using the following information:

  • Bank Name: BMO Harris
  • Bank Address: 111 Monroe, Chicago IL 60603
  • SWIFT Code: HATRUS44
  • ABA#: 071000288
  • Beneficiary Name: Apex Clearing
  • Beneficiary Account Number: AC# 3713286

In the Comment section have them put: “Your Altruist account number (e.g.12345678) , your full name – Rollover”

If there is space to provide Further Credit to have them put:

  • Your full name
  • Your Altruist account number
  • The email address you used to open the account

4. Let Carbon Collective know you’ve initiated the transfer

Just reply to one of our emails. That way we can keep an eye out for it.

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