Green Utilities: Best utility stocks for climate change

Zach Stein

Here’s our list of the best utility stocks for fighting climate change that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as of 09/23/20. 

We built it at Carbon Collective because we wanted a way to invest in all of the companies building solutions to climate change. From renewable energy stocks, to LEDs stocks, to recycling stocks

For humanity to stop climate change, we need our utilities to lead the charge in electrifying everything and generating electricity with zero carbon. According to Project Drawdown, each of the following has the potential to reduce global carbon emission significantly.  

Disclaimer: We had trouble finding all of these stocks in one place online. So, we built the following list. We’re publishing it purely for informational purposes and not a recommendation to buy or sell. 

  • % CHANGE (3-YR)
  • % CHANGE (5-YR)
Green Utilities
+11.76 %
+11.76 %

Avangrid is a US utility leading the push to renewables with 85% of its generation coming from renewables, with the rest coming from natural gas & hydro.

-10.10 %
+33.39 %

CEMIG is a Brazilian utility that generates 99% of its power without fossil-fuels (mainly hydro)

+33.37 %
+489.14 %

Electrobras is a Brazilian utility that generates 93.5%+ of its power without fossil-fuels (mainly hydro)

+40.36 %
+82.43 %

Copel is a Brazilian utility that generates 93.6% of its power without fossil-fuels (mainly hydro)

+12.03 %
+51.52 %

Exelon is the lowest CO2e emitting utility in the US with most of their power coming from nuclear

+106.44 %
+245.78 %

NextEra Energy is the world's largest generator of renewable power and is investing heavily in battery storage

+5.15 %
+77.53 %

Ormat builds geothermal power plants and energy storage systems that run from the heat of the earth.

We’ve updated this list as of 09/23/20. If there are companies that you believe we are missing, we’d love your help keeping this list up to date. Please email

About Carbon Collective:

We built Carbon Collective because we couldn’t find anywhere to invest our retirement savings that made both ethical and financial sense in the age of climate change. 

So we built the world’s first series of climate-friendly, diversified, low-fee investment portfolios and teamed up with a world class online brokerage platform to automatically manage them.

Imagine an index fund in a world without fossil fuels. That’s how we build our portfolios. We replace the high-carbon parts of the stock market (fossil fuels, dirty utilities, airlines, etc.) with the companies building solutions to climate change (renewable energy, circular economy, energy efficiency, etc.). 

Checkout their historical performance, carbon footprint, and fees compared to common standard and ethical portfolios. 

Collectively, we can make a difference.

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