Fuel cell energy stocks: The complete list on the NYSE

Zach Stein

Here’s the complete list of all the fuel cell energy stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as of 09/23/20. 

We put it together because we wanted a way to invest in all of the companies building solutions to climate change. From renewable energy stocks, to LEDs stocks, to recycling stocks

For humanity to stop climate change, we need to dramatically increase our use of fuel cells powered by green hydrogen. While producing hydrogen still has a high carbon footprint today, fossil fuel-free hydrogen could be right around the corner and it could solve many problems for the renewable energy industry. 

Solar and wind energy have a problem: what do you do when the sun is shining but you don’t need the electricity? Right now, this energy is often wasted (although more is being directed into batteries as they scale up)

One exciting solution is to use excess solar/wind electricity to split hydrogen from water molecules. This is what’s known as green hydrogen. It has two major advantages over batteries: it can be transported away from where it was produced far more efficiently and you can store it for much longer without an energy reduction. 

Here is the full list of fuel cell companies’ stocks, broken into three categories: 

  • Fuel cell manufacturers
  • Fuel cell vehicle manufacturers
  • Hydrogen infrastructure builders

Disclaimer: We had trouble finding all of these stocks in one place online. So, we built the following list. We’re publishing it purely for informational purposes and not a recommendation to buy or sell. 

  • % CHANGE (3-YR)
  • % CHANGE (5-YR)
+390.85 %
+1096.92 %

Ballard is a leading manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles, ships, and the grid.

-86.09 %
-97.89 %

FuelCell Energy makes large fuel cells that generate electricity and energy from hydrogen: an important fuel source in a decarbonized world.


Nikola makes hydrogen-powered trucks for shipping, trash pickup, and personal use. Hydrogen is a key energy source for transitioning from fossil fuels.

+500.00 %
+668.42 %

Plug Power makes fuel cells and hydrogen refueling stations. Hydrogen is a key energy source for transitioning from fossil fuels.

We’ve updated this list as of 09/23/20. If there are companies that you believe we are missing, we’d love your help keeping this list up to date. Please email drawdownindex@carboncollective.co

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