Recycling Companies Stock: The complete list on the NYSE

Zach Stein

Here’s the complete list of all the recycling companies’ stock that’s listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as of 09/23/20. 

We built it at Carbon Collective because we wanted a way to invest in all of the companies building solutions to climate change. From renewable energy stocks, to LEDs stocks, to recycling stocks

For humanity to stop climate change, we need to make our economy far more circular. We need far more of our stuff to be built of recycled old things than from newly extracted raw materials. According to Project Drawdown, each of the following has the potential to reduce global carbon emission.  

Here is the full list of solar companies’ stocks, broken into two categories: 

  • Industrial Recycling
  • Residential Recycling

Disclaimer: We had trouble finding all of these stocks in one place online. So, we built the following list. We’re publishing it purely for informational purposes and not a recommendation to buy or sell. 

  • % CHANGE (3-YR)
  • % CHANGE (5-YR)
Industrial Recycling
-84.64 %
-77.27 %

Aqua metals' proprietary technology propels a circular economy by enabling lead from old batteries be reused in manufacturing new products.

+20.26 %
+59.28 %

CMC participates in the circular economy by making new steel from 95.5% recycled contents. They have a track record of reducing the carbon footprint of their steel.

-20.35 %
-31.23 %

Covanta builds waste-to-energy plants. They tend to have a much lower carbon and air quality footprint than traditional landfills.

-4.41 %
+10.19 %

LKQ is an autoparts recycler, selling refurbished parts on the OEM market. Recycling in a circular economy is a key part of reaching a sustainable economy

-24.34 %
+0.00 %

Loop is a leader in manufacturing recycled plastic. They make 100% recycled PET and polyester that perform like new plastic.

Residential Recycling
+243.31 %
+827.10 %

Casella is a waste management company in NE US. They capture methane at over half of their landfills and have built regional recycling and composting programs

+57.78 %
+0.00 %

Waste Connections collects landfill methane from over half of their landfills in addition to recycling or "diverting" over 50% of what they collect away from landfills.

+57.01 %
+156.64 %

WM captures methane at 62% of its landfills and is a national leader in pushing for recycling and municipal compost.

We’ve updated this list as of 09/23/20. If there are companies that you believe we are missing, we’d love your help keeping this list up to date. Please email

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