Here’s the complete list of all the solar panel companies’ stock that’s listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as of 09/23/20. 

We put it together at Carbon Collective because we wanted a way to invest in all of the companies building solutions to climate change. From renewable energy stocks, to LEDs stocks, to recycling stocks

For humanity to stop climate change, we need to dramatically expand the use of solar power. According to Project Drawdown, each of the following has the potential to reduce global carbon emission significantly.  

Here is the full list of companies who manufacture solar panels whose stock you can buy on the NYSE 

Disclaimer: We had trouble finding all of these stocks in one place online. So, we built the following list. We’re publishing it purely for informational purposes and not a recommendation to buy or sell. 

  • % CHANGE (3-YR)
  • % CHANGE (5-YR)
Solar Panel Manufacturers
+108.01 %
+81.81 %

Canadian Solar has shipped more than 46 GW of solar panels (~30M US homes of electricity). Their latest panel broke records for energy conversion.

+322.95 %
+714.19 %

DAQO is a Chinese manufacturer of silicon solar wafers. We need to generate more than 30% of our energy from solar. While growing fast, it's only at 2% globally.

+61.89 %
+61.49 %

First solar is a solar panel manufacturer, installer, and operator with 20 GW of panels (~13M US homes of electricity) shipped worldwide.

-19.64 %
+16.64 %

JinkoSolar is a large chinese manufacturer of solar panels. They have delivered 55.4GW of panels (= ~36M US homes electricity usage).

+103.81 %
-19.81 %

Sunpower designs and builds innovative solar panels. We need to generate more than 30% of our energy from solar. While growing fast, its only at 2% globally.

We’ve updated this list as of 09/23/20. If there are companies that you believe we are missing, we’d love your help keeping this list up to date. Please email

About Carbon Collective:

We built Carbon Collective because we couldn’t find a place to invest our retirement savings that made both ethical and financial sense in the age of climate change. 

So we built the world’s first series of climate-friendly, diversified investment portfolios and teamed up with a world class online brokerage platform to automatically manage them.

Picture an index fund in a world without fossil fuels. That’s how we build our portfolios. We replace the high-carbon parts of the market (fossil fuels, dirty utilities, airlines, etc.) with the companies building solutions to climate change (renewable energy, circular economy, energy efficiency, etc.). 

Checkout their historical performance, CO2e footprint, and fees compared to common standard and ethical portfolios. 

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